Mongolia Part 3

Like I mentioned in my previous post, after the few days of harvesting, we took the afternoon off and headed to a nearby hot springs.  It was about a 45 minute drive over the countryside on a path like the picture below.  Sometimes it was smooth and other times it was not so smooth!  With all of us in the mini van plus an extra couple, it was a very full van and we kept each other from hitting the sides of the van too hard.  😀


Now this was taken through the van window, so it’s not the best picture.  😉  This was a smooth part of the ride and you can see it’s just a path and not even like the gravel roads we have here in North America.  I told hubby that I’d never complain about our gravel road that we live on.  LOL 


One of the deeper rivers we had to drive through…  Reminded me of Little House on The Prairie!  😀


A body was water we passed on route to the hot springs


Many Mongolians live in Gers/Yurts, you can see a couple here in the picture. 

When we left home it was sunny and warm, but as we drove towards the hot springs, I could see that the sky was darkening and it looked like a storm was coming.  Sure enough we just get parked and the wind picks up, the sky is dark and it starts to snow!  We were all afraid, that we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the hot springs, but after a few minutes we saw that blue sky was coming our way and by the time we found an open spring and changed, the sun came out.  The air was still cool, but the water was lovely.  Joel at first wasn’t sure what to think, but when he realized he could stand, he relaxed and enjoyed playing with our friends children.  One pool was a bit cooler then the others so the children claimed that one, while we adults enjoyed the hot pool.  That one you could sit in for a while, but then you had to stand up and cool off a bit before returning back to the water.  It was so relaxing for our tired muscles.

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You may have noticed the cows just roaming free in the pictures.  In Mongolia, all the farm animals roam free, when driving you often have to stop for cows, sheep, goats or horses as the cross the path.   Such a different experience and when I saw the flocks of goats and sheep, I thought back to how this is what it must have looked in Bible times.


Part 4 will be about our trip back to UB and the sight seeing were did there in the days remaining until our return trip home.  We were gone a total of two weeks and they just flew by!


Mongolia – Part 2


He loved this kitten so much.  Her name was Ellie 😀

It was so good to arrive at our friend’s home and have the long flights behind us.  We had traveled over 16 hours in a plane and then 7 hours by van. So unloading the suitcases and making ourselves at home was nice.  We had brought over many things for our friends, so it was almost like Christmas with all the goodies.  LOL   Our first day was spent visiting, napping and more visiting.  During that whole week we spent at our friends house, we helped harvest their carrots, potatoes, cabbages, beets and turnips.   Plus I helped the children do school and of course, we enjoyed lots of visiting.

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Such a precious smile!  He was such a perfect traveler, it was amazing. 


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The days were packed full, but it was so good to be there helping and  we made such special memories.  I was expecting the days to be colder, but a few afternoons, it was warm enough to be outside without a jacket.  Once the sun disappeared behind the hills, or the wind picked up, it cooled down quickly.  So you kept your jacket close.  We worked hard each day and on Thursday, or actually it may have been Friday, that we took a trip across the countryside to some hot springs.  More on that in Part 3 🙂

I just wanted to add a short side note here…

My hubby’s mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer  last month.  She has come to stay with us when not in the hospital, because she is unable to take care of herself.  We are taking it one day at a time here as we don’t know how she will be feeling from one day to the next.  Thankfully she is not in pain, but she is very short of breath and has to be on oxygen all the time.  We are trying many natural treatments and she may start chemo next week depending on how she is feeling.   She is very weak and the doctor is concerned to try chemo because of that.  Prayers appreciated for her and that she would feel God’s peace surrounding her.  It’s hard, but God’s grace has been sustaining us all through this.


Mongolia – Part 1


Happy faces before our flight to Beijing 🙂

This past September, our second oldest daughter, our youngest son and I took a trip the far way land of Mongolia.   Why Mongolia you may ask??  The reason was we really wanted to visit some friends there as our daughter’s best friend lives there with her family.   We left on a Wednesday evening and arrived in Beijing Thursday evening and that is when the “fun” began. We had just a 2 hour layover and since we arrived late, had to collect our luggage and catch the 20 or so minute shuttle bus to another terminal, we arrived at that check in just 10 minutes before our next plane was to leave.  We were told the check in was already closed and we had to wait until the next flight the next evening.  Talk about disappointing and scary!   After a numerous times, I was able to finally get on wifi and let my hubby know back home that we missed our flight and ask him to let our friends know.  I was in tears, but felt peace that God was going to take care of us.    We found some benches and tried to slept.  That was one long night…..  The next morning at 9am I called the airline we were taking and told them my story and they told me that seats were available on the evening flight, but they  could not hold any for me.  They told me to come to the check in at 6pm.  So I spent the day praying that we would get on that flight.  Thankfully our youngest was such a great traveler and we nap and just walked around the terminal.  6pm comes and I go to check in and hear the dreaded news, “I’m sorry, but there are no seats available.”  I was in tears, I could not imagine another night and day in the airport.  I told them that and they said come back at 8pm.  So that whole time I’m pleading with God to please get on us that plane.  Finally it’s 8pm, I go to check in and they call me over and start filling out forms and check in our luggage  and the next thing I know I have real tickets in my hand!  Thank you Lord!!  (I should mention that they said maybe we could go on standby) But here we had real tickets with seat numbers and the girl told us to hurry to your gate.  So off we ran! My poor daughter was feeling a bit sick and struggled to keep up with her mom, but I was not going to miss that plane!  LOL  We were one of the last people on the plane, but I was just so happy to be on the plane!!

Landing in Mongolia and picking up our luggage was uneventful and quick and the next thing we knew we were with familiar faces.  Such joy!!


We had a 7 hour drive to our friend’s home.  Most was at night, so we didn’t see the landscape on route until our way back to the airport just a week later.

I’ll share more about our trip and try to update on what’s going on here at our homestead too.  Much to share.

More coming!

Beginnings of Summer

Where should I begin!? It shows here that it has been 5 months since my last post! Not good!!  I should have lots to write about as there is never a dull moment around here.  I am kept busy with my beautiful life here with our 8 children.  🙂

We have been busy and enjoying summer here.  Our summer began with a camping trip for 3 days.  The campground was right by Lake Huron and we enjoyed the beach, biking around the campground and just relaxing at our campsite and enjoying the meals, fires, chipmunks and most of all family.

One view of our campsite…  I don’t think breakfast had been cleaned up just yet. 🙂

Even while camping one of my sweet little boys wanted me to have flowers  🙂

There were a number of chipmunks on our last evening there and they loved the peanuts!

 This is just a breif sampling and I’ll have to get the pictures off of hubby’s camera soon and share!
When we came home and we set right to work.  Hubby wanted to fence in more pasture and I wanted to get the main garden weeded.  Hubby had a couple weeks off work, so between the camping and working here on our acreage, those two weeks flew by.  After the second week, the fence was done, the garden was mostly weeded and we even did a bunch of organizing and rearranging in the basement on a rainy day we had.  Well, it was really hot one afternoon, so the basement was a cooler option.

In other news, our oldest graduated in June from high school and is heading off to a local collage this fall.  My babies are growing up!

I’m going to try and post more often, because like I already have said over and over again, I love reading the memories from years gone by when and our older ones were small.

More again soon!

Pleasant Time at Family Camp

So last week we spent from Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon at Harvester’s Family Camp and what a lovely time we all enjoyed!!  Camp started on Tuesday, but we were not able to go until late Wednesday and we arrived just before the evening meeting.   That evening meeting was on the first few verses in Ps 5.  The topic was how we are to make time for the Lord first thing in our day.  Convicting for sure…  I have been struggling with fitting quiet time in, so it was good to hear once again.  After the meeting, we came out and set up our tents quickly before dark.  I even had help from another young girl, the rest had run off to the tuck shop for some goodies.  🙂

The days consisted of two meetings, games time, slip and slide time, horseback riding, tuck shop, meals and campfires. Not listed in order, but you can get the idea.  😀  I met some lovely ladies, but sadly a number of them left on Thursday. So I really didn’t get to know them that well, but I did make another friend and I’ll share more about that in a minute.

The first couple nights were chilly!  Thankfully we stayed warm under our sleeping bags/blankets, but if you had to get up for a bathroom visit, it felt cold outside!!  The days were pleasant, although it felt a little cool to actually go swimming, but that did not hinder anyone from having fun on the long slip and slide!


Behind the swings, you can see the poles for the game “Nine Square”. What a fun game for all to enjoy and this game was rarely empty during the free time. 🙂 It was fun for both young and old. 😉

That was just a peek into our delightful days at camp.  All the messages were good.  Another one I really enjoyed was on Friday morning and it was about how life is all about relationships.  It was really good. Gave me some “new” thoughts to ponder that day.

Another special thing that happened while there was this….  They had a trampoline there last year and when we drove up this year, we heard disappointed sighs from the children when we all noticed the trampoline was gone.  We later learned that it had met with an accident when it took a tumble down the hill.   Anyway, Thursday evening one of the pastors sent out a plea asking if anyone had or knew of a trampoline that was not being used and if the camp could have it as it is a fun item enjoyed by all the campers.  Long story short, a brand new trampoline was set up Friday evening!  You can imagine the delight of the children all getting their first turn!

As I mentioned earlier, one of the new friends I made while there, also blogs and the last morning at camp, we exchanged email and blog addresses and we were both very surprised to find out that we have very similar blog titles!! (Please visit her here at Beautiful Calling ) Amazing!!  I’m really looking forward to getting to know her better and I look forward to hopefully meeting again at Family Camp next year.  Yes, we are already planning to attend, Lord willing, and the children are “counting” down the months.  LOL

So as you can see, we all enjoyed a lovely week.  This is also a fun way to camp.  We enjoyed tenting it, but we didn’t have to worry about meals, they were all provided, so we could just enjoy the day, messages and being with family and other fellow believers.  It was a blessing.

Last Monday in October


Outside my window…  Cloudy day here… high of 8C

I am thinking…  About some things I’ve been reading this past week in my Bible devotions.  🙂  I just finished a study with Good Morning Girls on the book of Luke.  A verse that stood out to me last week was 

and said to them, “Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead, and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem. Luke 24:46-47 

Christ suffer and died so that we could receive the gift of grace, repentance and forgiveness of sins.  Such amazing love!

I am thankful… For my family and the happy moments we share with each other.

In the kitchen… Pumpkin sheet cake is in the oven and I just need to finish tidying up the kitchen. 

I am wearing… Denim skirt and red shirt

I am creating… Not sewing anything at the moment, although last week I sewed up an apron for a friend and I have a diaper in the making.  Snaps are in, I just need to sew it.

I am going…  To put away some items that are still out from our recent trip 

I am reading… Bible

I am hoping…  For a few things….  projects being finished around the house and a couple other items…

I am looking forward to… a good week ahead!

I am learning…..  Always learning….. 🙂

Around the house…  Toddler Dear is napping, (can’t really call him a baby anymore), the rest are playing with two little girls here are here for the afternoon.  🙂

A favorite quote for today…  (from the Bible today)

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” Phil. 1:6

One of my favorite things… Making memories with my family!  we just took a trip to the Creation Museum and had a great time!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Music lessons, Kid’s club, a night out with our second oldest daughter and swimming lessons are some of the items planned for this week. 

A peek into my day…

These chickens were at petting zoo at the Creation Museum. They were behind glass, but the rooster was so interested in Toddler Dear’s apple. Toddler Dear thought it was so funny! 🙂


Trip to the Local Zoo

Climbing the rocks with other kids. 🙂

Yesterday, we enjoyed a trip to a local small zoo along with a number of families from our home school group. The day started out rainy, so for a while, I wasn’t sure if it was still on, but according to the weather forecast, the rain was supposed to stop and be sun and cloud by the time we arrived at the zoo. Sure enough that is what happened, although it was still cool. If the wind was absent it would have been nice. 🙂 Anyway, we enjoyed seeing the animals and we also learned some things from the little animal show that was put on. 🙂 The children all exclaimed that is was a fun outing and were glad we went.

This monkey was so active and being funny! He made the funniest noise and was swinging and jumping all around the cage. Then he would stop and suck his thumb and then off he went again. 🙂

My cute little “monkeys” on the nature trail at the zoo.

The lions…..

The bears….


Lunch time…. 🙂


They had these wooden people throughout the nature trail and K. wanted a picture by each one. 🙂

We saw wolves, deer, tigers, lions, zebras, bears, a few varieties of birds, & kangaroos. There was a mama that had a joey.  We just saw the baby’s head peeking out of his mama’s pouch.  There were some other animals, but like I mentioned it was just a small zoo.  It was an enjoyable outing.

God created such an amazing world that we live in.  😀