Meet Isabelle

Last Sunday was an exciting day on our homestead as our heifer,  Maybelle gave birth to her first calf.

Meet Isabelle ( Izzy for short)
We were at church and just finished going through our prayer and praise time in adult Sunday School when my mom sent me a text saying our heifer was in labor. My parents were heading out soon for the day, so I went home to see how she was doing.  I got home around 10:30am and went to see how she was doing.  You could see just a bit of front hooves. I went in and changed and went back out. Maybelle seemed to like me there with her and was mooing softly when I came near. My dad and I were out there with her until about 11am and then I went in to get a snack and my parents had to go.  I came back out to her and she was lying down and having regular contractions.  More of the calf was showing and I could see the calf’s nose. She pushed for while, but couldn’t seem to get the head out. I then noticed the calf’s head was turned so I gently pulled the calf’s legs during a contraction and out came the head and the rest of her body followed. I was so surprised!  I was curious to know to find out whether we had a bull or heifer and was happy to see she had heifer!  I helped clear the calf’s nose and mama was soon up and cleaning up her baby while the whole time mooing softly to her. Izzy was born at 11:18am.   Izzy was up on her feet in about 15 minutes. I saw that all was good, so I headed back to church.

It was a full morning, but good! When we arrived home, Izzy was nursing and she has been doing very well so far.

Brand new!

I’m hoping to milk Maybelle so that’s coming up in the next few days. For now I’m letting mama and baby bond and Izzy needs all the colostrum she can get.

Update: This has been in my draft box all week, but I’ve been training Maybelle for milking and it’s getting better.  I couldn’t expect no kicks, that would be just too easy.  LOL   Tonight’s milking was the best we had yet, so I’m encouraged!  I wasn’t going to give up!   Izzy has been with her mama the whole time and so far Maybelle is letting me have her milk.  So nice having our own milk again. 🙂

So that’s a bit of a update on our little homestead.


Beginnings of Summer

Where should I begin!? It shows here that it has been 5 months since my last post! Not good!!  I should have lots to write about as there is never a dull moment around here.  I am kept busy with my beautiful life here with our 8 children. 🙂

We have been busy and enjoying summer here.  Our summer began with a camping trip for 3 days.  The campground was right by Lake Huron and we enjoyed the beach, biking around the campground and just relaxing at our campsite and enjoying the meals, fires, chipmunks and most of all family.

One view of our campsite…  I don’t think breakfast had been cleaned up just yet.🙂

Even while camping one of my sweet little boys wanted me to have flowers 🙂

There were a number of chipmunks on our last evening there and they loved the peanuts!

 This is just a breif sampling and I’ll have to get the pictures off of hubby’s camera soon and share!
When we came home and we set right to work.  Hubby wanted to fence in more pasture and I wanted to get the main garden weeded.  Hubby had a couple weeks off work, so between the camping and working here on our acreage, those two weeks flew by.  After the second week, the fence was done, the garden was mostly weeded and we even did a bunch of organizing and rearranging in the basement on a rainy day we had.  Well, it was really hot one afternoon, so the basement was a cooler option.

In other news, our oldest graduated in June from high school and is heading off to a local collage this fall.  My babies are growing up!

I’m going to try and post more often, because like I already have said over and over again, I love reading the memories from years gone by when and our older ones were small.

More again soon!

Always Cleaning To Do

Since coming back from our trip, I’ve been busy with homeschooling and our regular activities plus getting some deep cleaning done. You know there is always a need for that!

So far I’ve gotten the dining room completed, that included things like washing the walls, window frames plus cleaning and organizing the hutch. I went through the drawer in the hutch that I had hardly opened since our move almost 6 years ago. It feels good to get rid of stuff and see empty places that were once filled with clutter.

Next room I spent a bit of time in was the laundry/mud room. There I completely cleaned out a closet and organized another closet. I’m not quite done in there yet. Hubby and I have been looking at the room and looking at ways we can change and improve it. I’m not happy with sharing the mud and laundry room together!  It’s a small narrow room and if we were building again we would not have a shared mud/laundry room. Some things you learn by experience.  When we built this house I was just excited to have the laundry room on the main floor, I did not really think through the logistics of how the mud room and laundry combined would work. It was in our house plan and I assumed it was good. LOL. Anyways we have some ideas in place, not sure when we will do the work though.

Next room was the main bathroom.  That involved cleaning and organizing the cabinet and giving the bathroom a good cleaning. The children have been helping me with the bathroom cleaning, so I figured I’d just do a good cleaning since I was in there. Always makes me smile when I open a drawer and see how organized and tidy it is. Of course weekly or twice weekly the bathroom needs cleaning, but knowing the cabinet has been cleaned makes me feel good.
This week I’m tackling the master bed room.  I’m looking forward to seeing a room that looks inviting and a quiet haven for hubby and I. Our room isn’t too bad, but it has some clutter and I should go through the closets and drawers and get rid of clothes not worn. Baby is still sleeping in our room, so there are times I’d go and tidy it up, but he is napping.

So that is what I’ve been busy with along with my usual day to day duties. There is always laundry to wash and meals to make and most of all my family to love on. ❤️
I’ve been kind of following “Organized Home-New Year Cleaning Challenge” and it’s been helpful and given me a boast to get some of these things done before gardening season starts up again.

The Ocean and Sunshine

Last month hubby had a business trip to California and the baby and I went along to keep him company. 😊  The three of us were gone 2 weeks and during that time hubby and I enjoyed spending time together and enjoying the sights. We spent a couple nights in Boulder city in Nevada and then drove on to California where we have friends that we could stay with while away. We were blessed to be able to stay with them the whole time and we enjoyed our visit and also could do our business while there. I enjoy going on business trips with hubby, but I miss the rest of our children at home and so wish we could have them with us too.  They would enjoy the interesting places!
Anyways my favourite times were when we spent it at the Pacific Ocean.  I love being by the ocean and could spend all day there.  I think next time we will have to plan a whole day there and rent bikes and bike along the coast.

Our future driver….  we were just passing time while daddy was in the UPS store. 🙂

Joel was a great traveler, being 14 months he did very well on the plane and traveling in the car. I can’t say he was always happy in the car, but he did very well.

His first experience with the waves washing over his feet included a few tears, but once he got use to the feel of the sand on his toes, he then loved exploring the beach.

Anyway, I came back home refreshed and more then ready to be a full time mommy again.
We have gotten funny comments while away….  We look like the couple with one child and when they find out we have 8, it can be pretty funny!  I can’t think of any at the moment though……  Oh maybe I can….  One funny comment is, “Just wait until he gets older, then the “fun” begins.” (That is from those who think baby is our first)    LOL  we’ve been through this before….

I love every stage!  I feel so blessed. ❤

Just a peek into what happened back in January. 🙂

A Clean Fridge And Other Things

This afternoon I finished cleaning the fridge, I did it over 3 days working on it during some “spare” time and wow it looks so clean and wonderful!!!  I did the freezer side too, and it’s all organized and tidy.  Such a feeling of accomplishment!  Now  to just keep it that way!!

We are back to school this week, so far it is going well considering some have come down with a stomach bug. Thankfully it’s a short term bug.   Anyways, we finally started “Mystery of History” and the children are really enjoying it.  Not sure why I stalled in starting, but here we are and we will do what we can before June. My goal is to be done school by the end of May. 

Between now and spring, I hope to work on really decluttering the house as well and simplify things so we can stay on top of keeping our home neater and still cozy. Our house looks well lived in, which is fine, but I don’t like to feel like I’m drowning in stuff. I have started on areas already and I’m happy with the results. So I’ll keep plugging away.  Once spring and outdoor works starts, I’m busy outside and the house won’t get as much attention. LOL

 So this is just a bit of an update on what has been happening here this week. 😊 

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from our family to yours!!

2016 is here and it’s like a new page.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for us.


Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You
Oh God, You are my God
And I will ever praise You
I will seek You in the morning
And I will learn to walk in Your ways
And step by step You’ll lead me
And I will follow You all of my days

Rich Mullins

And step by step You’ll lead me
And I will follow You all of my days

Christmas 2015

It’s been about 4 years since we started to “keep” Christmas once again.   Long story short, my parents stopped keeping it when I was a child and it wasn’t until a few years ago, that hubby and I decided we wanted to do something for our children during this season.  We desire to keep this time focused on Jesus and what His coming to earth as a baby really means for us.



We have been making our own family traditions over the past 4 years and it has been such a blessing to watch the children during this time and see how much they appreciate this.  We draw names the end of November with my parents included and each has a person they must make or buy a small gift for.  That has always been a lot of fun!  This year hubby got my name and I got his!  Fun!  Hubby and I also get each child two gifts each. Nothing extravagant, but gifts vary from toys, books, clothing or a musical instrument.  This year for a first, I sewed up some stockings for each of the children and told them they could help fill them.  They drew pictures, wrote cards, and sewed up some homemade gifts.  It ended up being a lot of fun for us all and a tradition I’m hoping planning to keep.  It was so much fun to watch them pull out the items!!  Gift opening time was fun and enjoyed by all.  Some get so excited with their gifts!  Our Nathaniel (12) loves to read, so of course new books are a big hit.  This year we bought for him some Adventure in Odyssey books that he hasn’t read or heard, so he was so thrilled!  He already is our dynamic child.  :)  It’s good!!  Some of our other children can be hard to read what they are thinking…. 😉


Our youngest happy with his new truck. He loves the balls that came with it.🙂

This year we ate our special meal Christmas Eve and then opened up a gift each.  Christmas morning we read through Luke 2 and opened up our gifts afterwards.  Breakfast was homemade cinnamon buns.  Yum! We then spent a relaxed day together as a family plus we picked up hubby’s mom and she spent the afternoon and evening with us.  It was a lovely day and I look back on it with precious memories and I feel so blessed.  Meal wise, it was very easy as we had lots of left overs, plus Nana brought with her some sweet goodies to share, so a restful day indeed. 🙂

Joy to The world! the Lord is come
Let earth receive her King
Let ev’ry heart prepare him room
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing
And heaven and nature sing

Joy to the world! the Savior reigns
Let men their songs employ
While fields and floods, rocks, hills and plains
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy
Repeat the sounding joy

He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove The glories of His righteousness
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonder wonders of His love